Layout & Page Development

Once I started to get the pages coming together and navigating from one page to another, I continued to develop the layout and further pages. I made a few adjustments to the first page as after having a discussion with one of my class mates. There were too many clicks just to get to the menu so I decided to make the first page scroll down to the quote and then even further to Woody’s introduction.


I also added in an arrow to point out on the first page to scroll up as well.

Once you click his nose it then takes you on to this page like before and then continues on to the main menu…


I continued to design the inspiring stories pages as they had both sent over all the information they wanted me to include.

17622434_1372623032799597_1693957307_o17357013_1360032517391982_1595844490_o (1)

I loved this photo out of all the ones they sent over so I decided to use that as the main header image, I then added in their story which you can find two posts back.


at the bottom of the page I added a back button which takes them one page back or they can go back to the original menu by using the home button in the centre at the bottom. At the bottom of Katie & Ozzi’s story I added a gallery page as they photos of them were just lovely and another way for the user to interact with the book.

As you can see from the video above I used a parallax image which allows the images to move and scroll down the page as you move them. Really easy tool to use and makes it look very effective.

I also added in Chewy’s information all the way from New York and also a gallery the same.



Photo Credit – Katie & Ozzi, Chewy & Myself

This is how my layout on semble looks so far…

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 14.35.58


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