Buttons & Page Development

I started to realise that I was missing something, the home button was not enough. I needed a back button to allow you to go one screen back as well as back to the main menu. I added in a scroll arrow button to show the user to scroll down and also a smaller arrow with ‘< Back’ next to it.

I then started to add them in and continue making the rest of the pages for: first few days, training, socialising and puppy safety.


I choose one of the first puppy photos I took of Woody and applied it to the header image, I kept the same layout from the inspiring stories pages and used them as the template for the rest. 17622424_1372622706132963_1240505792_o

I made the back button white when against the peach and peach when against white or photograph.


I done the same for the rest of the pages but for socialising and training I have not choose my final main images for the header image.

I just need to add in the information for each page and links etc.

I also started looking at the FAE logo again and decided that its standard colours can be black and white but when put into an ebook – if that ebook uses specific colours then they colours can be adapted to it.

So by adapting my own colours of the ebook they would look like this…

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 17.56.11I absolutely love them – the fonts and just how simplistic they look and they look even better when placed into a page…


I’m still having trouble with my buttons and icons looking blurry but I am going to try and sort that with my tutor tomorrow at college.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 15.37.25.png

Semble layout so far, starting to come together.


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