Further Layout Design

After designing my home button I then continued on to the layout designs of the next page which I thought could be my dog Woody introducing himself as there will be a lot of photos of him, just as a funny little hello page.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 17.07.27


I added in a bar along the bottom which will be a default on each page & once I’ve finalised the FAE logo I can add that next to it also or just include it in the end page.
So I liked the idea of having the home button in the middle of the bar at the bottom of each page to ensure people can go back to the home page. I’m unaware if I should make the home page the very first page or just the menu page(menu page probably makes more sense). I also need to add in a back button to take you back to the page you were on before. Once you click Woody’s nose the first time text appears and once you click it a second time it takes you to the menu page.


(I’ve forgotten to change the title at the top) This is the menu page – I decided to go with a paw shape to make it a bit more interesting. It is split into each sections – First Few Days, Training, Socialising, Puppy Safety & Inspiring Stories.

If you clicked on inspiring stories it would then take you to this page…


I have two inspiring stories so far, which I will do a separate post for. You would then click on Katie & Ozzi or Chewy circles. If you clicked on Katie & Ozzi it would take you to a scroll page like this…


Its a parallax image which allows the page just to move up and down with a single touch. You would scroll down and on the peach area will be their story(once I type it up). Underneath the story will be their chosen charity which you would be able to click on and donate if you wish. I plan on doing this for every story as it allowing people to get their stories hear & help charities around the world.

This is as far as I’ve gotten but I think its starting to take shape and look and feel nice.


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