List Making

I have been struggling with how to progress with my idea(s). I have decided to write a list and hopefully spark some imagination. I feel as though I wont get many inspiring stories as I would like for idea one, and I do not think I will be able to illustrate a story in the timescale that I have. So to make the best out of it I have went back to the drawing board.

I want something that is interesting to read, lovely to look at, and lastly include my dogs as they have a very special place in my heart.

I thought about a training ebook, showing tips and tricks on training your dogs and what is best for them – we made many mistakes with our first dog as he was our first(it’s like having a child) and we used those mistakes with our second dog to ensure they would not be repeated.

– Dog Training Ebook

But how does that link into place. ‘Training Place’ – interactive ebook on training dogs.

I also thought about just doing it generally about my dogs calling it ‘Dogs Place in the Family’ talking about training tips, mistakes we made, problems they have faced(woody has bad anxiety), best food for them – based on my dogs but also able to help and provide information for others – could even have a section for inspiring stories that people can send in – as I have had 3/4 people enquire about it.

I would like it to be an imaged based ebook, with text also but not too much as these days people love less reading.

I think this has helped just to have a little brain storm to get the creative juices flowing. Now Im going to start on some layout designs.


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