Layout Design

I started to research into layout designs and what I want my ebook to look and feel like. I am very attracted to the image based designs as I feel for my subject matter it fits perfectly.

I started to research on pintrest – app design was the first thing that came up as it wasn’t the product I was looking at it was more of the layout and the way the images were used.

I liked the idea of the first page being one whole image and just having a small part saying ‘Swipe to Begin >’ or something similar. I just feel it would entice people to see what the app is about rather than it being filled with text.

I then looked more into ebook design as they tend to be used on larger screens such as an iPad.


I love these designs and the way the image is always the main focus. I absolutely LOVE the third one with the purple tones, and how there is only a little bit of information which your then able to expand to read more – very useful as not everyone wants to read everything within an ebook. I started playing around with the software Semble to make my ebook and I started off with a close up image of one of my dogs Woody. I liked the idea of the first image being a lovely close up so I used one of the photos of woody giving me puppy dog eyes.

I then added the title and a quote as you scroll down the page – I went for a peach colour as it felt like it gave off a warm and calm feeling which is what I was aiming for while designing the FAE logo. I really like the pastel colours due to the calming effect it gives.

The font I have chosen is called Doris and it was in the list of fonts available on semble, I just wanted a plain and simple font and I felt this one was perfect. I can’t decide if I want to continue the page as a one scroll page split up in different section – similar to the ebook design in the purple tones above. And then you can navigate onto other pages if you want to read more of a certain section. I’m going to get used to semble and all the different ways I can navigate to each page then decide, but it is starting to take shape.


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