Dog Illustration

If I were to go with my second idea – childrens story of a dogs place in the family throughout the years. Story of a little girl and her dog from day one to the last and how a dogs place in the family changes from being a pet, to a friend, to a family member and so on. I decided that if I were going to develop this approach I would animate the story and I have decided to use one of my own dogs – Woody – as one of the characters.

I took a photo of him where I could see his face clearly and started to draw each feature of his face..
I thought it would be a lot easier than I thought but I started to add in his curls and played around with many gradients. I think the outline with the black is a bit too much, it doesn’t look like a nice friendly dog so I think I’ll stay away from adding in black outlines on the rest of the characters.  Dog Animation.jpg

I think my favourite ones have to be the second and third ones on the top line, they still need more curls added but I think the character is starting to come to life and hopefully with some more details and curls he will look perfect. Now just to think of what I want the girl to look like, I think since I used my dog it’s only right that the little girl is inspired by myself. But a younger self, as the story would be about them growing up together. I’m still very undecided on what idea works best, the results from my poll on my previous post was great with 29 responses.

I have now posted on my social media to get some inspiring and loveable stories about an owner and their dog that I could use if I were to go with my first approach. Hopefully I get as much responses as my poll did.


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