A Dogs Place In The Family

I have decided to go with the idea of my dogs – I have two different approaches, one is to have a variety of stories from people about their dogs place in their family from them being their best friend to them being there for their health. People can submit their stories about their furry friends and a photo. My second idea is to have it more aimed at children and have it be an illustrated story of a girl and her dog – and how much of a special place he has in her family & her heart as they embark on their adventure from when they first met to when they have grown up. It can explore that at different ages in your life your dog has a different place from being her play mate to becoming her brother & best friend.

I have set up a little poll so you can all tell me what your dog means to you – you can also add in an option that may not be there. And if you have any inspiring and lovely stories about your dog please do share as it would help my research massively & depending on which idea I go with I could feature you in my ebook.


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