Interactive Techniques

Techniques within interactive ebooks are what make the interactive part so fascinating. an ebook I came across while researching had loads of interactive parts/techniques. I may not be settled on my chosen idea yet but I do know that I want to include all of the interactive techniques within this app by WWF.

The first interactive feature they have is just a swipe motion to flick through all the different sections of the app, basic but very effective compared to a ‘back’ and ‘next’ button as they don’t look as aesthetically appealing in todays ebooks.

The one thing that really caught my eye was the part called ‘smear’ within the app where you are able to smear over the page with your finger to rub out an image to show a bit of factual information(which is not exactly what I might do but effective for WWF).


This is something I have never really saw within an ebook that is not based at children. 

Another part of the WWF app was how they incorporated swipe actions in a non traditional way, they had small swipe actions within a page and then one page with three different sections that swiped up and down. I really love how it splits up the page into separate sections it is really simple yet effective. 

There was also small parts that you could interact with, such us the earth on the picture above. I think having small interactive parts rather than always having a full interactive page is good as well as it breaks up the design a little.

One of the last interactive features they used was a slicing action which is very effective within the WWF app and maybe not something I could use depending on my chosen concept. I still think it’s a very nice interactive piece and I will keep it in mind during my design.

Overall I think this ebook has helped with the interactive side of the design, and helping me to think of all the ways in which I could interact with it. Now I need to settle on a chosen idea and start designing the way it can look and start to bring my ebook to life.


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