Interactive eBooks

Interactive ebooks


While researching I have came across a variety of ebooks that I like and find interesting, either in the way they move to the next page, the ways of which you can interact with it, and so on.

Children’s Interactive eBooks

The Icky Mr Fox

I really like the sketchy/animated look of the characters and the background, and how children are able to interact with it by tapping on each characters which allows them to move. The music in the background adds a nice touch to it, and makes it out to be a happy story. I also like how its not over complicated, specially since its directed at children. There is a back and next button and there is no need to over complicate it.

This is the type of thing I have in mind for one of my ideas – Idea Two – a cartoon/animated story of Woody & Buzz.

Article: Gorgeous Interactive Android eBooks for Kids

WWF Together App

Together App Trailer

This is one of the best ebooks I have came across, so many ways to interact with it & learning at the same time. It is amazing, from being able to see what tigers can see in the daylight and night time, from being able to cut down trees by slicing them with your finger to reveal how many get chopped down a year. Amazing piece of design and it will catch peoples eye.

I’d love to do something in this style, with all the variety of interaction & revealing facts. I could possible do this with either Idea One using Places: London, New York & Paris. Or I could do it with Idea Two and reveal amazing facts about the Harry Potter films.



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