Idea One

Place – Location
– Three of the biggest cities PLACES in the world
– The PLACES that never sleep
– New York
– London
– Paris

– ebook on all three places – guide to the main cities of the world.
– ebook on the places separate – guide to New York
– hidden facts and tips on each of the places.

– Photography

Idea Two

Place – In My Heart
– My dogs have a very large place in my heart – especially since they are very cute.

– Woody & Buzz’s Adventure
– Woody & Buzz finding their way to my heart – I’ve lost my heart & they can help find it with there ears and sniffs.
– Guide to Cocker Spaniels
– Dogs with anxiety
– What to do when getting a dog
– What to do when getting a second dog

– Photography
– Animated
– Cartoon

Idea Three


Place – My Desk – A Place in my room

– A place I spend the majority of my time at is my desk, mostly for college work and my little business. I have a small business making prints & cards, I have my own shop on Etsy which ships worldwide so I am always sitting processing orders. I am also a tad O.C.D, I like it to be organised and flow while I’m packing up orders.

– Desk Organisation
– Small Business Organisation
– Shipping Station
– Desk of Dreams
– O.C.D Desk

– Photography

Idea Four

11028031_923220114406560_2873782466754883359_nPlace – A Place I Visited & Is Very Close To My Heart
-In 2015 I visited the Warner Bro. Studios in London
– Magical Place

– Ultimate Guide For a Harry Potter Fan
– Harry Potter Facts
– Harry Potter: The Tour of A Lifetime

– Photography


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