Creating My eBook

I thought that designing my eBook would be the easiest part of this brief, until I thought about how I would actually create the ebook and bring all my designs together. Before I finalise on which Idea I am going to develop I decided to look into what I would need to create it.

I done a Google search and a dozen webpages came up with loads of different apps and softwares to use and it was all a bit confusing. I then decided to contact a few of the Degree students from last year as I knew them well. They suggested to use Semble which is a Mag+ creation which allows you to create a mobile app for anything and its completely free.

I honestly thought it was going to be something I would have to learn the ins and outs of, a brand new software. But this looks really simple and quick to use.


It is great that you are able to download the software on to your mobile, iPad etc as well as your iMac or PC to ensure that it all works. Very excited to get started, just need to choose my idea and start to develop it.

There are many other softwares to look into as I may decide on this but it may not work with certain parts of my ebook design once I start to develop it. These are some of the other softwares I will need to look into as I go.



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